More Water Fascination

Riverwalk water sluice
Riverwalk water sluice

Water. The gentle or dramatic flow of water captured my imagination from the very start on our San Antonio River Walk experience.

The water in the first photograph captured my attention with its ever-flowing downward course through a U-shaped sluice and then falling with power into an elevated pond. But, the fascination did not stop there for it continued over the edge of that pond in a riveting curtain of whitewater. The addition of the lush green foliage echoed in the colors of the algae growth on the pedestal added a beautiful final touch.

Stepped waterfall with jug
Stepped waterfall with jug

Not far from the water sluice sat a wonderfully inviting tiled patio area. I could have sat for hours in the welcome shade listening to the gentle cascade of water down the stepped waterfall. A small cafe table with a chair next to the very large terracotta planter would make my enjoyment complete.

Riverwalk water curtain
Riverwalk water curtain

I noticed the water originated from a spectacular water curtain above the large stepping blocks which, of course, I had to investigate. I was intrigued with the mystery of what might be behind that curtain and the play of light off the surface. My main question, “Would my little phone camera capture all of the elements I wanted?” Happy day, it did!

Waterfall riverwalk
Waterfall riverwalk

I fell in love with the multiple streams of gently arched water falling into a canal seen in this last photograph. The arch of the water is echoed in the arch under the stairs and draws your eyes to that mysterious dark cave. The angle under the start of the streams is mirrored in the angle of the staircase and once again draws your eye to the cave.. And lastly, the classic disappearing perspective point which also draws your eye to the cave ….what is there not to like about this photo and the focal mystery cave.

Specs —- Samsung Note 3 phone……ISO 50;EXP TIME 1/277sec;F-STOP f/2.2;Focal Length 4mm; Max Aperture 2.28;Center-weighted;Flash mode;35mm focal length 31;White balance AUTO;Brightness 6.39;EXIF Version 0220;Horizontal DPI 72;Vertical DPI 72


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