Small Drops

20141007_Dbl Sap Drops

Sometimes the smallest drop can grant you a peek into another dimension. A place where ordinary objects are transformed into new worlds which sparks the imagination with questions …. is our universe similar to this tiny drop in another realm? Are beings looking at us through the lens of their cameras and wondering the same about us? Hmm.

Had some difficulty taking this shot. First I tried zooming, but the detail was fuzzy. Then I tried just getting real close then the shot washed out. Finally, I went to the other side so the adobe building acted as my backdrop. Then I disabled the flash. Eureka ! That taught me a valuable lesson….. don’t like the way the shot is turning out, MOVE.

Specs —- Samsung Note 3 phone……ISO 50;EXP TIME 1/288sec;F-STOP f/2.2;Focal Length 4mm; Max Aperture 2.28;Center-weighted;No Flash mode;35mm focal length 31;White balance AUTO;Brightness 6.39;EXIF Version 0220;Horizontal DPI 300;Vertical DPI 300


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