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Desert Beauty

Some only see an arid landscape in their minds when the word desert is spoken. Others think of a parched death-scape. But, those with an eye towards the unique and surprising, see much more.  Delicate paper-thin desert blooms, a mosaic of dried mud, imagined creatures long extinct and rocks supported by impossibly thin necks are just a few of the things I viewed my travels on the Grand Staircase in Utah. I want to return soon and find even more beauty.

20141019_ delicate desert flower

Desert Blossoms


20141019 thirsty land

Dried Mud Mosaic


20141019 Dino rock

Dino Rock


20141019 solitary mushroom rock

Solitary Mushroom

Specs —- Samsung Note 3 phone……average – ISO 50;EXP TIME 1/288sec;F-STOP f/2.2;Focal Length 4mm; Max Aperture 2.28;Center-weighted;No Flash mode;35mm focal length 31;White balance AUTO;Brightness 6.39;EXIF Version 0220;Horizontal DPI 300;Vertical DPI 300





Life Inspiring Trip

My best friend in the whole wide world conspired with me to do the ‘Grand Adventure’ ala Thelma and Louise (without the death scene) for the month of October. What may you ask is the Grand Adventure? It was  month long vehicle trek through the Southwestern United States, which completed 1/10 of an item on my bucket list. It has been a decade long dream of mine to visit each state in our glorious Union and do a variety of paintings on sights I found intriguing. Thanks to my friend and her exceptional photography teaching/technical skills, I have over 2,000 reference photos to work from when painting my collection. I hope to post various shots I took and describe what I find desirable about them.

Want to join me? Of course you do, it will be fun AND won’t cost you a penny!

First stop, San Antonio River Walk Sept 2014. Love the light reflecting up to the underside of the pedestrian overpass. The sights, aromas and foods were phenomenal along the entire length of the river walk. We ended up walking a little over five miles in one day….too much to see…..too much to experience. Loved every blister earned that day.

Specs —- Samsung Note 3 phone……ISO 50;EXP TIME 1/277sec;F-STOP f/2.2;Focal Length 4mm; Max Aperture 2.28;Center-weighted;Flash mode;35mm focal length 31;White balance AUTO;Brightness 6.39;EXIF Version 0220;Horizontal DPI 72;Vertical DPI 72